On 28th September 2017, BMSS held the annual Secondary 4/5 Graduation Ceremony. On this memorable occasion, we celebrated our students’ success before sending them off for their national examinations.

In his opening address, the principal Mr Timothy Cheng gave a timely reminder to all graduating students about the challenges they would face in the future and the mindset they would need to have in order to succeed.

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It was a truly special graduation ceremony as we had two valedictorians: Sam Nicholas Marett (4E1) and Yeo Hui Shan (4E2). Both valedictorians are the embodiment of the school values and model students with exemplary conduct. They delivered speeches that drew enthusiastic responses from their peers, who could relate closely to the points they mentioned.

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The Parent Support Group (PSG), has always been an integral part of our students’ school journey, and the graduation ceremony, being a significant school event, was no different. Mr Azman, the covering Chairman of PSG, gave an arousing speech before goodie bags, specially prepared by the members of PSG with handwritten notes of encouragement, were handed out to the graduands.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of a graduation bear to each and every student. As the students headed for the stage, collages filled with memories of their school days were flashed onto the projector screen. After each member of the class had lined themselves up on the stairs of the stage, their last class photo was taken.

The ceremony was given a sweet ending as all guests, students and staff were invited to a tea reception prepared specially for all attendees.

The school would like to wish all our graduands all the best for their future endeavours.

Once a Merahan, Always a Merahan.

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