2020 Events

GROW Week Sec 2


As part of the holistic development of our students, the school has set aside Term 1 Week 10 as our GROW Week to help our students

– GROW in Character through experiential learning

– GROW in Passion for lifelong learning

– GROW in Friendships with the class and schoolmates

All students went through specially crafted programmes that taught them new skills, build their character and hone their leadership skills. In addition, they also learnt how to serve others and various opportunities were provided for them to strengthen their sense of camaraderie as a class and deepen their friendships.


GROW Week Sec 2 V1

The Secondary 2 cohort went through a three-part programme during the week. This included a 3 Day-2 Night Aesthetics Education Camp in school, Home-based E-Learning and a Values-In-Action project.

As part of the Secondary Two Aesthetics Education seven-week programme, students participated in a 3 Day-2 Night residential AEP camp in school From 6 to 8 March 2017.

For the performing arts, students spent time rehearsing and perfecting their performance items. These items included a Drama, Bollywood Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Street Jazz Dance and Percussion. For the non-performing arts, they let their creativity juices flow when they created art pieces such as Mosaic Art, Digital Music and Digital Animation. All these culminated in a Performance Night on the second night of the camp when the students showcased their talents and beautifully done pieces of art work to their parents. During the camp, level bonding games and learning journeys related to the students’ chosen courses were conducted as well.

GROW Week Sec 2 V2