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Lunar New Year Celebrations 2017


The school celebrated the Lunar New Year with performances by our Merahans, the Hangzhou Arts Troupe, and the Rui Long Dragon and Lion Group on 27 January.

The celebration started off with the Hangzhou Arts Troupe’s remarkable and dynamic dance performances.

Our band played two songs 《财神到》and 《小幸运》 which added to the festive atmosphere in the school. Our choir members sang a medley of songs which included 《大地回春》,《恭喜恭喜》, “Munnaeru Vaalibaa” and “Rasa Sayang” to celebrate the festive occasion. In addition, our school’s modern dancers enthralled the audience with their “Celebrate!” and “Spirit of the Phoenix” dance performances. Our talented Secondary 4 Higher Chinese students also recited a poem and wrote a couplet.

The highlight of the celebrations was a performance by our very own teachers who showcased their vocal prowess through Lunar New Year songs. This year, we had Mr Lim Soon Howe Eugene (HOD/ Craft & Tech & Aesthetics) to start off with a solo performance prior to the mass singing which lifted the festive atmosphere to new heights!

The concert ended on a high note with exciting stunts performed by the Rui Long Dragon and Lion Group. The movements of the lions were adorable and students were able to see them upfront as they circulated around the hall.

The elderly from the Redhill Senior Moral Activity Centre also joined us in celebrating this festive occasion. They were presented with mandarin oranges and red packets for them to enjoy their Lunar New Year.