Our annual Merahan Olympics Day was held on the 25th May 2017 at the MOE Physical Sports and Outdoor Education Branch (PSOEB). With the multiple sporting facilities available, the event provided many opportunities for sporting excellence as well as stress relief after the mid-year examinations.

The morning started off with a drizzle but that did not dampen the Merahan spirit displayed by both students and staff alike who were all eager to compete in the various sports activities that they had signed up for. Thankfully, the weather improved and the games proceeded as planned with the students and staff trooping off to their respective playing areas.

Merahan Olympics

This year marks the first time the Merahan Olympics Day involved both Inter-House and Intra-Level Games. The sports selected for each level were aligned with the Physical Education Learning Objectives and involved the sports which the students had learned in their respective PE lessons during the semester.  The staff also had the opportunity to build stronger teacher-student relations as well as display their sporting prowess as they completed in the various sports against the student teams.

Our Parent Support Group (PSG) set up a stall selling healthy snacks and chilled drinks to ensure our Merahans were fueled up and hydrated.

The eventual hot weather added on to the challenge of the games but all in all, the students as well as  teachers displayed their resilience and tenacity by giving their best and the winners were rewarded with medals which they were elated to receive. This event tested our Merahans’ stamina, speed, strength and sports skills but the greatest achievement was the camaraderie and forging of the Merahan Spirit among both staff and students as we came together as one family to celebrate a new beginning as a merger school.