2020 Events

MTL Fortnight


The MTL Fortnight was held from 27 March to 7 April and students of all levels enjoyed various programmes that were organized by the Mother Tongue Languages Department. Various workshops were conducted for the Malay, Chinese and Tamil students.

The Malay students attended Kompang & Angklung, Silat-in-Dance,Khat (Calligraphy) and Wayang Kulit. There were also class-based activities for the students.

The Chinese students attended Tea Appreciation, Book Binding and Fan Painting workshops. The Secondary Two Chinese students also had the privilege to attend the Chinese Musical “Wizard of the Oz”.

Numerous activities were also conducted for the Tamil students. They learnt about the significance of oil lamps and how to decorate them. Students also played traditional Indian games and made the Thoranam.

An assembly programme entitled “Singapore Festivals and Celebrations” was also conducted on 28 March 2017 to help the students better understand the different festivals in Singapore.