Racial Harmony Day is a day that serves to remind us that social division cost us dearly and that race and religion are potential fault lines in Singapore society. In BMSS, we celebrated Racial Harmony Day on 18 July 2017 with a series of programmes and activities to engage the students in meaningful discussion to build resilience in our students in the face of any events that challenge to break the Singapore identity that we have developed so far.


Our students put on a skit to highlight the common practices of Singaporeans and showcase how Singaporeans celebrate festivals together as one. Our teachers also spontaneously introduced the significance of traditional Malay costumes. In the light of increased terror attack around the world, NCC Staff Sergeant, Thoo Sheng Wang from 3E2 shared with the school a presentation on how everyone can play a part in staying vigilant and united by observing the signs of anything that can hurt or harm our loved ones. During recess breaks, the students visited the traditional snacks and satay stall to enjoy some delicious food to celebrate the event.

In that week, the various classes engaged in meaningful and deeper discussions on racism and terrorism using the ST IN Racial Harmony Edition.