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Reading Excellence Award

Reading Excellence Award

At BMSS, two key values underpin our efforts in the promotion of school-wide reading: Every educator a reading role model and Every student a reader.

Every Educator A Reading Role Model

Reading begins with the Principal and Mr Sim (Principal from 2012 to 2016) was a key champion for reading. He started the Principal’s Selections which to date comprise more than a thousand books of different genres which he purchased and introduced to the library at regular intervals to sustain continued interest among readers. Teachers modelled reading during silent reading periods before the start of the school day and enjoyed the convenience of their own professional development library in the staffroom.

Every Student A Reader

The Extensive Reading Programme run by the English Department ensured a variety of reading materials for students, based on students’ interest and reading abilities and are accompanied by post-reading activities. A favourite programme among EL teachers and their students is the Book-A-Book Programme (2015-2016) which allowed students to choose titles from a small selection which the school subsidised. This was accompanied by a book project which is completed in groups or individually. The Mother Tongue Languages Department also has a healthy collection of books both in the school library and the MTL classrooms. The school library remains a favourite haunt for many students because of the cosy environment and the regular programmes such as Book Whisperers, monthly thematic displays and the annual Book Feast.

Partnership with NLB

Our long-time partnership with the National Library Book has allowed us to enjoy up-to-date information about new books in the Bukit Merah Library as well as current activities conducted there through Book Buzzes. The NLB also has made available to our students books that students can take home via the Book Cross Programme. Students can also borrow books from the NLB via the Books 2 Go activity in the school.

As a school, we also made efforts to celebrate reading whenever we such as bring our favourite books on the Unesco Reading Day last year. Our goal is simple: we want to work together to build a community of readers, beginning with ourselves.