English Language & Literature Department

Department Teachers

Leow Ser Leng (HOD/ EL)
Park Han Na (SH/ EL)
Kong Yin Ling Adeline (ST/ EL)
Lee Siew Yong Loretta (Year Head)
Chong Oi Lin
Fong Min Shi Chloe
Lim Rong Hua Eric
Darshan Kaur
Samsiah Kushen
Giselle Maria Rai
Belwit Kaur
Ng Shuping Faith
Lawrence Tan Eng Chuan Lawrence
Shahirah Banu bte Leyakat Ali

Department Vision




Department Details

The Bukit Merah English Language programme aims to nurture Merahans to be empathetic and confident users of the English Language, discerning readers and creative inquirers through three main areas, namely :

  1. Cultivating the love of reading through a structured programme and exposure to different genres of writing.
  2. Promoting the student voice through EN-ELT (Enhancing English Learning and Teaching) strategies and alternative assessments.
  3. Nurturing students to become independent and self-directed learners by encouraging them to manage their own learning.

To further this aim, the Bukit Merah English Literature programme strives to instil a love for the written word and an appreciation for how literature is relevant to the life by allowing students to read a diverse range of prose, poetic and dramatic Literature texts, carefully selected to pique their interest, encourage personal response and stimulate higher-order thinking.


04 (9) 00 (3) 00 (1)

  • EL Week
  • Sec 1E / NA Poetry Slam Workshop
  • Sec 4E/5NA Oral Communications Workshop
  • 4NT Learning Journey
  • National Schools Literature Festival 2019: Flash Fiction and Choral Speaking


  • National Schools Literature Festival 2016: Bronze award for Choral Speaking
  • National Schools Literature Festival 2019: 3rd & 6th positions for Flash Fiction
  • Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition 2018: Winning entry