Mr Timothy Cheng

2017 marks a significant milestone in the history of Bukit Merah Secondary School as we begin our new journey as a merger school-the merger of Bukit Merah Secondary School and Henderson Secondary School. I am honoured to be appointed to lead this school and hope that the experiences I have gained from my five previous schools and MOE HQ will help me to guide our teachers and nurture future-ready students.

Our merger school is the coming together of two good schools with rich histories, sound practices and great achievements. This synergy will reap benefits for our students through the provision of a wide range of quality instructional programmes, Co-Curricular Activities and up-to-date facilities.

The theme for 2017 is “Together, A New Beginning”, signifying the collective aspiration of our students, staff, parents and school partners to come together as one to give our BEST to build on the many great achievements that both schools have attained over the past years and better them in the years ahead.

The preparation for the new merger school started as early as April 2016 when I was first appointed as Principal-Designate of the school. From the outset, we tapped the collective wisdom of the various stakeholders from both Bukit Merah Secondary School and Henderson Secondary School. This brought together the expertise and resources of both schools, including a team of committed key personnel who worked tirelessly together to prepare for the start of the new academic year in 2017. It has been an eventful journey and we have made significant achievements which include the setting up of the BMSS Heritage Space to record the rich histories of both schools within a short span of three months, winning second place at the inaugural NLB Reading Excellence Awards (Secondary Category) and emerging as overall champions in the Development Category of the F1 in Schools National Finals 2017.

In Bukit Merah Secondary School, in all we do, students will always be at the centre of our consideration and the staff members are key to the achievement of our school objectives. Additionally, our School Advisory Committee (SAC), Parents, Alumni and community each play an important role in supporting us to provide a holistic education for our students.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Sim Chong Boon, the former Principal of Bukit Merah Secondary School, and Mr Simen Lourds, the former Principal of Henderson Secondary School, for their invaluable support and advice provided in preparation for the new merger school.

With the strong foundation laid down by my predecessors and the continued support from our staff and stakeholders, I am confident that Bukit Merah Secondary School will be able to rise to meet the challenges of the future and scale greater heights.

Merahans, Parents and School Partners, let’s continue to work together to give our BEST to the school for the benefit of all our students!

Together, A New Beginning!


Timothy Cheng