Mr Timothy Cheng

Bukit Merah Secondary School (BMSS) celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2018. As we celebrate this key milestone in the history of the school, we have much to be thankful for. BMSS has come a long way in 50 years. Three mergers (the first with St Thomas Sec in 2001; the second with Delta Sec in 2004 and the latest with Henderson Sec in 2017) has meant that we have inherited the combined strengths of 3 good schools to become an even stronger school.

BMSS would not have progressed this far without the effective leadership of its past Principals who are instrumental in shaping the strong culture and identity of the school today. The school experience of Merahans, both past and present, has also been enriched by our fraternity of committed and competent staff members who have conviction and confidence in the students. They in turn do their utmost best to nurture them into resilient and respectful Merahans. We are also deeply appreciative of the generous trust and support our parents have unduly given us.

Besides having splendid teachers, the true mark of a great school is evident through alumni who return to contribute and make a positive difference to their alma mater. Here are a few examples of alumnus who have been luminaries to students, both past and present. Mr Wun Boon Leng, currently the Head of Department of Mathematcs is an alumnus of the school, who graduated in 1985. Not only is he leading the Mathematics Department, he is our officer-in-charge of Alumni matters as well. Mr Goh Kia Hong, our School Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman is from the Class of 1985, and one of our SAC members, Mr Sa’at Bin Ismail, is from the Class of 1987. It takes a village to raise a child – it is our earnest hope to continue to work closely with our key stakeholders like SAC, Alumni and Parents to give our Merahans the very best for their education.

At BMSS, we strive to provide a nurturing environment that allows each and every Merahan to develop into a learner who embraces the values of Respect, Integrity, Self-discipline and Empathy (RISE). To this end, we have embarked on our curriculum review and enrichment journey. Guided by the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) and through the Student Learning Space (SLS), our teachers have designed ICT-enhanced learning experiences that cultivate a deep sense of collaboration and self-directed learning in the students.

The curriculum is aligned closely with various signature school-based programmes and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). Through ‘Creative Robotics and Engineering’, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), all Merahans are able to apply the Design Thinking methodology and Problem-Based Learning to advance their critical and creative thinking skills. ‘Character Development & Leadership through Sports’, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), is anchored on the school values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Empathy (RISE), and implemented through multiple platforms. Floorball, our niche sport CCA, is not only about imparting floorball skills but also about inculcating in all floorball players the school values of BMSS. These values were evident in action at the B Division Floorball Boys Championship Final in 2018. They played a pivotal role in keeping the boys going despite being two goals down initially to clinch the championship eventually. This resonates with our School Mission: To Nurture Resilient Merahans with Character and Heart.

Over the past five decades, BMSS has had a significant impact on the lives of Merahans who passed through its doors. As we forward to our centenary, we shall continue to strengthen the caring school culture to nurture future-ready Merahans and teachers who eagerly look forward to coming to school. It is our aim to embolden both our staff members and students to be successful in their respective roles as educators and learners – as competent teachers and all-rounded students. We will live out the School Vision in unity – Every Merahan, a Resilient, Caring and Self-directed Learner.

Together, We Give Our Best!

Timothy Cheng