Humanities Department

Department Teachers

  • Pillai Vidhu (HOD Humanities)
  • Fang Swee Foong Anthony
  • Ng Hsueh Mei
  • Ken Hu Jinyuan
  • Du Tongtong
  • Ng Shi Ming
  • Law Ngiap Hui
  • Ho Wing Leong David
  • Letchimi Elangovan
  • Darshan Kaur
  • Xiao Yongda Clement
  • Low Sook Han Eunice
  • Lim Rong Hua Eric
  • Belwit Kaur
  • Giselle Maria Rai
  • Muhammad Hisham Bin Anwar
  • Stephanie Goh

Department Vision

A Community of Engaged Learners

Department Details

The Humanities department is committed to developing a community of engaged learners and seeks to develop students into lifelong learners through a variety of exciting approaches. The Humanities classroom is a vibrant venue where Humanities comes alive through the skilful approaches adopted by the Humanities teacher.

The department adopts the inquiry-based method as its core approach in exposing students to Humanities disciplines. Through this approach, students are trained to work independently, collaborate with peers and think critically.

The department plans for programmes that give students authentic experiences and allow for collaborative work in order for students to gain confidence and develop their social skills. To enhance their experiences, students will have the opportunity to be engaged in a variety of lessons that occur outside of the classroom such as fieldwork , competitions and local/overseas learning journeys.

In addition, Humanities lessons are a hub for National Education (NE). Topics covered  are aligned to NE messages enabling pupils to connect the present to the past, thus infusing a sense of appreciation to the country in them.


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