Infocomm Technology Department

Department Teachers

  • Huang Wen Qing (HOD ICT)
  • Seow Xian Yi Winston (SH ICT)
  • Chee Kwok Seng Jereme (Asst. Year Head – Lower Sec)


Department Vision

To build a culture of innovation through the effective use of technologies for deeper learning and student engagement.


Department Details

(i) Providing professional development for staff to enhance their competencies in instructional planning and evaluation which translates into the creation of meaningful and engaging ICT lessons for students with different learning abilities

(ii) Developing students to become discerning independent learners equipped with 21st century skills who are able to work collaboratively towards knowledge building beyond the classroom.

(iii) To harness technology to increase administrative efficiency and improve communication and student management.



programme3-ict programme2-ict programme1-ict

  • E-Learning
  • Media Design Competition
  • Code for Fun


IMG_7908  achievement-ict

  • Platinum award for MEC Competition 2017 (Cat A – Animation)
  • Bronze award for MEC Competition 2016 (Cat A – Animation)
  • Bronze award for the MEC Competition 2015 (Cat A – Animation)
  • Silver award for the MEC Competition 2015 (Cat B – Game)
  • Gold award for the MEC Competition 2014 (Cat B – Game)