Mathematics Department

Department Teachers

Wun Boon Leng (HOD Math)

Huang Wen Qing (HOD ICT)

Neo Siew Eng (HOD Normal Stream)

Toh Yongmei Stella (Year Head)

Seow Xian Yi Winston (SH ICT)

Liao Xinwei (LH Math) (Covering)

Dr Leong Swee Ling (MTT)

Phang Kay Yen (ST Math)

Lee Tzi Wei Gaius (ST Physics)

Lim Lay Eng

Tan Soon Yong

Tan Sheng Xian

Jayne Ng Shi Ming

Du Tongtong

Yong Junxiong Eric

Teo Wei Ting Eunice

Lee Hwee Choo Yvonne

Loke Jiayi

Goh Shumin

Department Vision

To nurture pupils to become independent and self-directed learners who have a passion for Mathematics.

Department Details

Providing opportunities for pupils to be active and engaged learners through meaninful activities and experiential learning.
Harnessing ICT to enhance the learning process.


programme2-math programme1-math

  • National Mathematics Competition for NA / NT
  • Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO)
  • NSW International Competitions & Assessments for Schools in Mathematics
  • Singapore and ASEAN Schools Mathematics Olympiad
  • Singapore Maths Kangaroo Contest
  • Statistical Poster Competition


Our students took part in the following activities:

Jan – May [Training]

4 June[Competition]

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2019

A series of preparatory sessions were organised for 37 selected students who represented the school in this competition.

[Junior Section]

Ian Ow Shaoqi – Merit Award

26 March Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest 2019

Math Kangaroo Contest is similar to the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum. Problems require creativity, logical thinking and challenge students to look at problems from a fresh angle.

76 students participated in this contest and achieved the following results:

14 Bronze, 3 Silver and 2 Gold.

5 April SASMO 2019 (Singapore and ASEAN Schools Math Olympiads)

The competition aims to arouse students’ interest and enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving, developing mathematics intuition, reasoning and logical thinking, as well as creative and critical thinking.

A total of 35 students from Secondary 1 to 4 participated in the competition. The following results were achieved:

Sec 1 : Alden Tan Suan An – Silver

Sec 2 : Tran Thi Thuy Duong – Silver

Sec 3 : Lim Wei Quan, Nyim Boey, Zhu Yuelin – Bronze

Sec 4 : Dabhade Simantak Vaibhavkumar – Bronze

Huang Zhengyi – Silver

25 July All Singapore Secondary Mathematic​s Competitio​n For Normal Course Students 2019.

The competition aims to stimulate greater interest and enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics, and provide an opportunity for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving competition questions.

A total of 9 students took part in this on-line competition in the 4 different categories: Lower Sec Normal (A), Upper Sec Normal (A), Lower Sec Normal (T) and Upper Sec Normal (T).

31 July 2019 Singapore Statistical Poster Competition

A team of four Sec 3 students worked on the report entitled “Are You Game?” organised by NUS and won 3rd Placing.

They are :-

Liang Yunyi

Lim Wei Quan

Tan Sze Yi

Zhu Yuelin

3 September 2019 Mathematics International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

The competition is designed to assess Mathematical insight and ingenuity rather than efficiency in tackling routine examples.

56 students participated in the event and bagged 1 Gold award, 7 Silver awards, 12 Bronze awards and 6 Merits awards.