Mother Tongue & Aesthetics Department

Department Teachers

  • Mrs Lim Guek Lee (HOD/MTL & Aesthetics)
  • Mdm Sharulhana Bte Mohd Kamal (HOD/CCE)
  • Ms Lim Kailin (SH/Chinese)
  • Mdm Nurhayati Bte Mohamed (Senior Teacher/Educational Support)
  • Ms Yeo Xing Wen (SH/CCE)
  • Mdm Qin Zhenzhen
  • Mdm Chen Jing
  • Ms Chong Chyi Ling
  • Ms Ong Min Li
  • Ms Chen Ying
  • Mr Lim Sing Gee
  • Mr Rosli Bin Hamim
  • Ms Juanna Bte Johari
  • Mr Jayakumar Subramaniyam
  • Mr Yeo Jun Zhong

Department Vision

A vibrant department that inspires students to appreciate Mother Tongue Languages and culture

Department Details

To nurture confident users of Mother Tongue Languages who uphold sound values


Mother Tongue Languages Parent Engagement Workshop
MTL Intensive Programme
Graduating Cohort MTL Oral Practice

Chinese Language

      • Structured Chinese Reading Programme
      • MTL Fortnight Programme:
        • Tea Appreciation
        • Clay Sculpture
        • Seal Carving
        • XinYao music concert
        • Language Quiz
      • Publication of Students’ Work (学生文集):
        • 《红土坡上的天空》
        • 《红土坡上的彩虹》
        • 《寻梦红土坡  梦入少年丛》
      • Publication of Teachers’ Teaching and Learning Resources:
        • 《阅读宝典》第二册
        • 《成语俗语手册》
        • 《爱上阅读》五册
      • 华文随意门学习之旅
      • Lunar New Year Celebrations

      Malay Language

      • Malay Extensive Reading Programme
      • MTL Fortnight Programme
        • Silat-in-dance workshop
        • SquadSerbu Ria 89.7FM
        • Bicara Karya Book sharing
        • Bengkel Asas Mengulas Karya Book review
        • Learning Journey to Malay Heritage Centre
        • Language Quiz
      • Malay Composition Guide Book for the Graduating Classes
      • Appointment of two Malay Language Ambassadors who took part in the Malay Language Month activities and workshop conducted by the National Library Board.

      Tamil Language

      • Tamil Reading Programme
      • MTL Fortnight:
        • Pongal cooking
        • Thoranam tying workshop
        • Mass Kolam activity
        • Tamil Typing course
        • Indian Musical Instruments and Music
        • Short film and language Games
        • Essay Writing competition

      Aesthetics Programme

      • Sec 2 Aesthetic Education Programme(AEP)
      • Talent Corner
      • Festivo VI @ Victoria Theatre (cancelled due to COVID-19)
      • Aesthetics Assembly Programme
      • Learning Journeys