Mother Tongue & Aesthetics Department

Department Teachers

  • Tan Guek Lee (HOD MTL & Aesthetics)
  • Sharulhana Bte Mohd Kamal (HOD CCE)
  • Lim Kailin (SH MTL-Internal)
  • Yeo Xing Wen (Asst. Year Head – Upper Sec (Int))
  • Qin Zhenzhen
  • Chen Jing
  • Chong Chyi Ling
  • Nurhayati Bte Mohamed
  • Ong Min Li
  • Rosli Bin Hamim
  • Thanmoshi Kalandavelu
  • Jayakumar Subramaniyam
  • Liew Shang Zhi
  • Chu Chong Chin
  • Lee Siew Cheng
  • Juanna Bte Johari

Department Vision

A vibrant department that inspires students to appreciate Mother Tongue Languages and culture

Department Details

To nurture confident users of Mother Tongue Languages who uphold sound values


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Mother Tongue Languages Parent Engagement Workshop

Chinese Language

  • Structured Chinese Reading Programme
  • MTL Intensive Programme
  • Twinning Programme with China Wuxi – Jiangnan Middle School (JNMS
  • MTL Fortnight Programme:
    • Learning Journey to the Tea Chapter for a tea appreciation session
    • Drama Day camp
    • Traditional Book Binding
    • Chinese Fan Painting
    • Cultural performance in school
    • “The Tune of SCO” by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra
    • Language Quiz
  • Publication of Students’ Work:
    • 《红土坡上的天空》
    • 《红土坡上的彩虹》
  • Publication of Teachers’ Teaching and Learning Resources:
    • 《阅读宝典》
    • 《成语俗语手册》
  • 华文随意门学习之旅
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations

Malay Language

  • Malay Extensive Reading Programme
  • MTL Fortnight Programme
    • Traditional Music (Angklung& Kompang) Workshop
    • Malay Calligraphy Workshop
    • Malay Handicraft (Songket) Workshop
    • Nasi Ambeng Workshop
    • Malay Traditional Games Day-Camp
  • Malay Composition Guide Book for the Graduating Classes
  • Appointment of two Malay Language Ambassadors who took part in the Malay Language Month activities and workshop conducted by the National Library Board.
  • MTL Intensive Programe

Tamil Language

  • Tamil Touch Typing Workshop (Lower Sec)
  • Tamil Reading Programme
  • Oral Communication Workshop ( Upper Sec)
  • “I am a witter/I am a artist” workshop
  • MTL Fortnight:
    • Tamil Drama Workshop
    • Indian Musical Instruments and Music
    • Traditional Games
    • Traditional Arts (Kolam & Rangoli)

Aesthetics Programme

  • BM50 Celebration Festivo V @ Victoria Theatre
  • Sec 2 Aesthetic Education Programme(AEP)
  • Talent Corner
  • Aesthetics Assembly Programme
  • Learning Journeys:Musical “Wicked”
  • Musical “The Sound of Music”