Physical Education Department

Department Teachers

  • Kek Boon Ann Zubi (HOD PE & CCA)
  • Satwant Singh (HOD Student Management & Well-Being)
  • Neo Siew Eng (HOD Normal Course)
  • Suzanne Eng Siew San (SH/PE & CCA (Covering))
  • Loke Jia Yi
  • Chua Chwee Guan Johnson
  • Lim Chun Leong (OM)

Department Vision

Every Merahan a physically educated individual who pursues an active and healthy lifestyle

Department Details

To explore and deepen Merahans’ knowledge in physical education so as to develop a healthy lifestyle through purposeful programmes and deliberate practices


    • CCA Orientation:
      • The Secondary 1 CCA Orientation is an annual event conducted for the Sec 1 students.
      • It serves as a good platform for Secondary 1 students and their parents to get to know the various CCAs offered by the school.
    • Cross Country:
      • Cross Country is organised annually to inculcate resilience and outdoor appreciation through long distance running.
      • As a 3-in-1 event, students participate in
        • 1) Cross Country Running
        • 2) Inter-House Challenge and
        • 3) NAPFA 2.4 km Running Test for the Secondary 2, 4 and 5 levels
      • We have held our event at places like Japanese Garden and Jurong Central Park.
    • Merahan Olympics:
      • The Merahan Olympics is our annual Inter-House Games Day. Students participate in a wide range of sports such as Basketball, Floorball, Football, Tag Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton.
    • Swimming Programme:
      • At the end of their lower secondary years in the school, all Merahans would have gone through the SwimSafer 2.0 Programme.
      • Held during curriculum time, the objectives of the programme are to expose Merahans to the basics of water safety and competencies in water.
      • It is also to prepare them for their upper secondary Dragon Boat Sports Education Programme.
    • Health Week:
      • Our Health Week encourages Merahans to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness, mental health and proper dietary choices.
      • Assembly talks and special PE lessons (such as Kin-Ball) are conducted by the PE department throughout this week.
    • DARE Programme:
      • The objective of the programme is to equip students with CPR/AED skills from a young age. Through this, safety awareness among students is heightened and they gain the confidence to respond to a cardiac arrest. It also provides an opportunity to inculcate 21st Century Competencies traits in students and reinforce their commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle.
      • Lessons are held during Health Week and teaching tools such as a half body mannequin and mock AED machines are used to make the learning as authentic as possible.
      • As of 2018, our entire student population has gone through this programme.
    • Outdoor Education (OE):
      • Our lower secondary students have embarked on OE lessons since 2017.
      • Our lessons focus on basic orienteering skills, knots tying, tent pitching and outdoor cooking.
      • Students get to apply the skills and knowledge that they have obtained in their level and Uniform Group camps.
    • Sports Education Programme (SEP):
      • The department organises SEP as part of the post-examination activities for Secondary 1 to 3 students.
      • Merahans have gone through programmes such as Bowling, Golf, Rock Climbing and Dragonboating.
    • Overall House Championship:
      • Our house system consists of 4 different houses namely – Eagle, Falcon, Hawk and Osprey. Through the various events organised by the PE department, Merahans earn points for their house. At the end of the year, the championship trophy is awarded to house that emerge at the top.