The badge, shaped like a triangle, resembles a hill in red because the school is situated on a hill of red laterite. The lettering incorporates in the initials “bm” for Bukit Merah.


The flash indicates progress, steadfastness and sureness of the path that she has to take to reach her goals, and the inculcation of values that prepares her pupils for life.


The School’s Motto “Sedia” means “Always be Prepared”.


Like the uniform, the main colours of the flag are navy blue and white. The flag incorporates the School Crest. The School Crest is a red triangle standing for a hill.- Redhill or Bukit Merah – the name of our school. The insignia in the crest stands for “bm”. The “bm” stands for Bukit Merah which is both the Malay and English name for our school. The flash leads upwards to signify progress and in the flash we have our school motto “Sedia”. The insignia is used as our School Badge.