CCA Announcement



  • Ong Min Li (OIC)
  • Du Tong Tong
  • Darshan Kaur



Friday: 1.00pm – 2.00pm
(as and when needed)


Executive Committee

No. Position Name
1 Head Prefect Chew Siew Ling
2 Deputy Head Prefect Elyse Quek Xi-En
3 Secretary Wan Kit Yee, Renee
4 Head of Logistics Tan Sze Yi
5 Head of Publicity Ang Xin Hui


Head Prefect Message

As prefects, we maintain a high standard of discipline in order to be role models for Merahans. As leaders, we gain knowledge to strengthen our leadership skills and optimize the opportunities given to us, so that we can serve the student body better. The prefects in Bukit Merah Secondary School participate actively in leadership workshops, school events and even daily duties to hone our leadership skills. We are thankful for different platforms and new opportunities, which allow each and everyone of us to experience new things we would never thought we could achieve. I hope that for the coming year, the Prefectorial Board would overcome many more challenges which would build up our resilience. ~ Chew Siew Ling



  • Leadership courses and camp
  • School services/events
  • School publicity (open house)
  • Organising Campaign / Fund raising / Mentoring / Study Support / Buddy System / Games
  • Partnership with external agencies