CCA Announcement



  • Irene Tay Pei Woon (O IC)
  • Ong Min Li (2 IC)
  • Teo Wan Leng
  • Darshan Kaur


Friday: 1.00pm – 2.00pm

(as and when needed)

Executive Committee

  • Kharis Phua          –           Head Prefect
  • Natasha Atikah    –           Deputy Head
  • Sim Tian Wei        –           Deputy Head
  • Ho Zong Xi             –          Secretary
  • EXCOs
    • Andrea Tang
    • Yun Jun Long
    • Nuruljannah
    • Nicholas Tan
    • Fun Jolie
    • Sristi D/O Narasimman
    • Sivaraj S/O Arichandran
    • Debbie Muljadi
    • Len Min Li
    • Lieu Usage San Lieu Elodie
    • Ng Li Yan
    • Nur Batrisyia Medina Bte Mohd Nizam
    • Rachel Chia Jia Min

Head Prefect Message

As prefects, we strive to serve with pride which is the motto of the Prefectorial Board, and to be good role models for all Merahans. We are grateful for the many opportunities that we as student leaders, have been provided with by the school. These include the training programmes that have been planned to hone our leadership skills as well as the platforms to organise school-based events. These opportunities allow us to grow and challenge ourselves as we step out of our comfort zone. I hope for more such opportunities in 2018. ~ Kharis Phua



  • Leadership courses and camp
  • School services/events
  • School publicity (open house)
  • Organising Campaign / Fund raising / Mentoring / Study Support / Buddy System / Games
  • Partnership with external agencies