CCA Announcement

CCA Holiday Schedule for Mid-Year 2019

Venue Students
(who, number)
Description of Activity/ Remarks
Jun 27, 2019 – (Thu) 0930 Jun 27, 2019 – (Thu) 1630 No Music Room All, 39 members Practice (National Day)
Jun 28, 2019 – (Fri) 0930 Jun 28, 2019 – (Fri) 1630 No Music Room All, 39 members Practice (National Day)


  • Yeo Ching Ying (OIC)
  • Nurhayati
  • Qin Zhen Zhen
  • Andrew Chia
  • Esther Lim Sze Ai [(Main Band) Instructor]
  • Tan Loke Chuah [Instructor (Recruit and Percussion)]
  • Ang Soon Beng [Instructor (Trumpet/ Brass)]
  • Tan Yi Liang, Colin [Instructor (Clarinet/ Saxophone)]


Wednesday: 2.30pm – 6.00pm
Friday: 2.00pm – 5.30pm


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019: Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017: Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Certificate of Participation 2015 in Singapore International Band Festival (SIBF)
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2015: Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Singapore International Band Festival 2012: BRONZE
  • Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2011: BRONZE

Exco Members:

President & Student Conductor: Sarah Binte Hashim
Drum Major: Alfred Chan Yan An
Head of Welfare & Treasurer: Muhammad Isma Aliff Bin Azman
Logistics Officers: Ang Kai Yang
Assistant Logistics: Muhammad Szeto Mahinay Bin Muhammad Abdillah
Quarter Master for Instruments: Hou You Jun
Quarter Master for Uniform: Ng Xuan Lin
Librarians: Ng Xuan Lin, Siti Nur Syiqa Bte Abdul Samad Mohamad

Section Leaders:

Flute Section Leader: Julius Pohan
Clarinet Section Leader: Elaine Chiu Jia Xuan
Saxophone Section Leader: Muhammad Isma Aliff Bin Azman
Trumpet Section Leader: Tan Wu Yi, Edric
French Horn Section Leader: Ang Kai Yang
Trombone Section Leader: Hervin Kaur
Euphonium Section Leader: Syed Kalimullah Syed Mohammed
Tuba Section Leader: Kiew Jia Qian
Percussion Section Leaders: Alfred Chan Yan An