“Creative Robotics and Engineering”, the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of Bukit Merah Secondary School, allows all Merahans to experience a two-year programme that infuses the Design Thinking (DT) methodology and problem-based learning. Designed to be user-centric, focusing on the applications of robotics and engineering in solving real world problems, this programme aims to ignite the inventiveness of students and develop their critical thinking skills.


Tier 1 Programme

The Secondary One ALP programme allows students to explore and experience the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, where they will be coding using the software, mBlock, to carry out a series of tasks and mini projects involving visual as well as vocal recognition.

The Secondary Two ALP programme further challenges students to apply the knowledge learnt as well as Design Thinking to solve a simulated real-life context problem. Students will work in groups to design and make a suitable prototype to solve a real-life context problem while applying their knowledge learnt in AI and Machine Learning.

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Tier 2 Programme

The tier 2 programme provides students who have shown interest or flair in coding and engineering a platform to showcase these talents. An example of such interest group can be found in the Engineering & Innovation Club (EnI). Students are given opportunities to display their talents in various STEM-related competitions, such as the F1 in Schools, Toy Design Competition and IDEERS – Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools.

Through the ALP programme, the school not only aims to provide our budding future programmers and engineers a platform to discover and display their talents, but more importantly, to develop every Merahan to be inventive and critical thinkers in order to excel in the rapidly changing 21st century.

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