2020 Events

EL Week

El Week 1Each year, Bukit Merah Secondary School’s English Language and Literature Department organises an EL Week to provide Merahans with the platforms to interact with each other positively while exploring various facets of the English Language. 2017 was no exception; the whole school was engaged in a variety of activities which ranged from inter-class competitions like Spelling Bee, Storytelling, and Charades, to online competitions like an Instagram caption contest.

Aspiring writers were also given the opportunity to submit their essays to an external competition, and prizes were awarded to recognise the efforts of participants who involved themselves actively in the competitions.

Most importantly, the EL Week was a welcome reprieve after a hectic Term 1, and a good lead-in to GROW Week. Merahans enjoyed themselves, and definitely look forward to EL Week 2018!


EL Week 2