In conjunction with the National Day celebrations in BMSS, we were privileged to have the Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP) Roving Truck to be in school for a day! The highly sought after truck is usually fully booked and it had already made its rounds in many schools in Singapore, so we were very fortunate to be able to acquire its services on the eve of the nation’s birthday.

The GP Roving truck allows students to experience the thrill of driving as a F1 driver through the Singapore race track via computer simulation. It is more than just a racing simulation that we could get in an amusement arcade, as it mimics what an actual F1 driver would experience as he speeds through the first night race in Formula One while having the familiar sight of buildings in the CBD area of Singapore. From the seats, control pedals to the steering wheel, each and every part is reproduced to replicate the real thing.

Collage 1

Students from 1T1, 2T1, 2N1 and 2N2 were the first to experience the fun and excitement from the GP truck. The smiles and excitement on their faces speak it all!

After the celebrations in the hall, many students made their way to the GP truck and a long queue was soon formed. Even the suddenly downpour did not dampen their desire to experience the thrill the truck provided.

Collage 2