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GROW Week Sec 3

GROW Week Sec 3

Secondary Three 3 Day-2 Night Adventure and Leadership Camp

Our Secondary Three students went on a  3 Day-2 Night Adventure and Leadership Camp at the Sarimbun Campsite from 6 to 8 March 2017.

The objectives of the camp were to build esprit de corps amongst the students, to equip and train students with leadership qualities (7 habits of highly effective people) and to reinforce the school’s values through experiential learning. Students were divided into tribal factions to conquer three major stations consisting of high and low elements such as high rope obstacles, zipline, orienteering and outdoor cooking.

Through these activities, students learnt the values and importance of working together as a tribe (team), the importance of effective communication and the value of empathy to support their teammates. They collaborated and leveraged each other’s talents and strengths to overcome challenges and achieve the set goals. The camp provided a great opportunity for students to hone their leadership skills as well as gain a better understanding of their own strengthens and weaknesses.

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