BMSS celebrated Singapore’s 52nd Birthday with a series of exciting programmes lined up for both teachers and students. The day started off with a lesson package to engage the students to think of how the Singapore identity can be strengthen via our National Anthem and National Pledge. A series of programmes such as the observance ceremony, performance by concert band, renditions of popular National day community songs by Your Music Talents as well as the mass sing-along kept the students spirits high throughout the whole celebration


This year’s National Day celebration kick-started with a lesson package in class that focused on the national anthem for the lower secondary students, and the national pledge for the upper secondary students. Through engaging activities such as “Pictionary” and “Win-Lose-Or-Draw”, students were able to appreciate the significance of the national anthem and pledge in nation-building. After the lesson, the National Day souvenir, a beautifully designed drawstring bag, was also distributed to every student to commemorate the 52nd birthday of Singapore.

A National Day celebration is never complete without the Observance Ceremony and the Recollections. The programme for that day incorporated these segments and served to remind us of our separation from Malaysia and emergence as an independent country. More importantly, it gave us a platform to appreciate the contributions of our pioneer generation and leaders and also inspire us in shaping our future Singapore.

A highlight of the celebration was the 1982 Alumni Award Ceremony to recognise upper secondary Merahans who had demonstrated the qualities of resilience and/or enterprise, made contributions to the community and excelled in their respective Co-Curricular Activities. The recipients were:

  •  Chua Pei Yun, Nicole (4T1) – Captain of Basketball CCA
  • Fatin Athirah Bte Murad (4N3) – School team player of Floorball CCA
  • Muhammad Shafi B Mohammed (4E1) – Unit Sergeant Major of NCC
  • Nur Syuhaidah Bte Nur Hamidy (4E3) – Staff Sergeant of SJB

Another highlight was a performance by the BMSS Concert Band which performed familiar tunes (“Viva la Vida” and “Fireworks”) that had the audience clapping along and humming to the music. This was then followed by a performance titled “A Musical Journey: History of Singapore” by Your Music Talents. The talented duo performed renditions of popular National Day community songs whilst recounting the key historical moments in Singapore’s history. The song “Home” struck a chord with the audience and was especially well received.

Last, but not least, the prefects hosted their own version of the “Guess the Lyrics” game. The audience had to guess the lyrics of several community songs including “Count on Me Singapore” and “Stand Up For Singapore”. How can the National Day celebration end without a mass sing-a-long session? To round up the whole celebration, the prefects helped to rouse the Singapore Spirit in the school” by leading everyone in singing community songs together with one accord.