2020 Events

Upper Secondary School-Parent Conference

The move from lower secondary to upper secondary always brings new questions and concerns for both Merahans and parents.

On 24 February 2017, the school held the Upper Secondary School-Parent Conference to address some of these questions and concerns, as well as to provide a deeper insight into both academic and non-academic programmes conducted by the school. Our Principal, Mr Cheng, started the session by sharing the history of the merged schools – Bukit Merah Secondary School and Henderson Secondary School – as well as some of the successes that the school has achieved in the past few months since the merger. He then provided an insight into the focus for the school and the goals for our Merahans, He also shared on how parents could also contribute to their child’s success at home, and by supporting school initiatives and programmes via the Parent Support Group.

Mr Aloysius Ting, HOD (Science),  then provided further details of the upper secondary level programmes and support structures that have been put in place by the school to help our Merahans achieve academic excellence. He also provided further insight into the various education pathways available to Merahans upon completion of their secondary education.

The academic programme sharing was then followed by the student development sharing by Ms Loretta Lee, Year Head (Upper Secondary). She shared the school’s focus on creating a positive discipline tone and building a conducive learning environment for Merahans to learn in, before providing an overview of the programmes planned and conducted to support the holistic development of our Merahans. At the end of the Upper Secondary School-Parent Conference, it was the form teachers’ turn to interact with the parents and students.