Character Development Through Sports

The LLP committee brought together the best of the two merged schools’ LLP programmes and arrived at a new theme “Character Development Through Sports” in 2021 after walking through the merger years.

The revised LLP structure is as follows:


Aligning our programmes based on the school values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline & Empathy (RISE), the TLLP will be implemented through three main platforms as a broad-based approach for Merahans:

  • Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
    • Teaching of our school values in line with the CCE curriculum
  • Key School Developmental Experiences:
    • All Merahans will have opportunities for character building experiences through the various school-wide initiatives.
    • Merahan Olympics Day: Whole School Inter House Games
    • Sports Education Program: All Sec 1 & 3 students & UG Cadets
    • Outdoor Cohort Camps.
    • Sporting Activities within every CCA.
  • Physical Education (PE) Lessons
    • Using the Sports Education Model to structure our PE lessons, students are put into positions of responsibilities by assuming different roles through the game seasons.
    • This is on top of students’ development in playing competencies and sporting skills.



Figure 1 Merahan Olympics Day – School-Wide House Games (Pre Covid-19)


Img 1551

Figure 2 Sec 2 Adventure Camp (Pre Covid-19)


Img 0110

Figure 3 School-Wide Inter House Cross-Country Challenge (Pre Covid-19)