The LLP committee brought together the best of the two merged schools’ LLP programmes and came up with the theme “Character Development & Leadership Through Sports”, starting 2017.

The revised LLP structure is as follows:


Aligning our programmes based on the school values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline & Empathy (RISE), the TLLP will be implemented through three main platforms:

  • Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
    • Teaching of our school values in line with the CCE curriculum
  • Physical Education (PE) Lessons
    • Using the Sports Education Model to structure our PE lessons, students are put into positions of responsibilities by assuming different roles through the game seasons.
    • This is on top of students’ development in playing competencies and sporting skills.
  • Leadership Programmes
    • Based on Maxwell’s Levels of Leadership, the Class Management Committee (CMC) members will go through leadership training workshops to understand the different tiers of leadership, align their leadership practices and principles with the school’s mission, vision & values, and be a role model for their peers.
    • Every Secondary Two and Three students will participate in the National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze) where they will develop and maximise their potential through community service, challenges of adventure, skills development and physical recreation so that they may be exceptional individuals, who can contribute effectively to society and the nation.
    • Secondary Three CMC members will also go for a 5 days 4 nights Outward Bound Singapore Camp in Term 3 to apply their leadership training at a different platform and learn from peers who are student leaders from other schools.
    • Other leadership platforms: SEP Programmes via CCAs, Sec 2 Leadership Camp, Cohort & CCA Camps, UG Leadership Camps, Merahan Challenge, Merahan Olympics, Cross Country



Certificates and badges given out to the CMC members during our recent Class Management Committee Appointment Ceremony 2017 on 21st Feb 2017


2017 Secondary One Class Chairpersons with our Vice-Principal, Ms Ho Geok Lan



2017 Secondary Two Class Chairpersons with our Vice-Principal, Mr Apollos Induchoodan



2017 Secondary Three Class Chairpersons with our Principal, Mr Timothy Cheng



2017 Secondary Four and Five Class Chairpersons with our Principal, Mr Timothy Cheng